Mittwoch, 27. August 2014

Linktipp: Liquid Sculptures - Wassertropfen-Fotos vom Feinsten

Eine wunderschöne und interessante Seite:
Liquid Sculptures - liquidsculptures
von Ronny Tertnes
mit Wassertropfenfotos vom Feinsten

(s.a. )

Water Droplets forming a Liquid Sculpture.

Sein Setting bzw. seine Ausrüstung beschreibt er hier:

  • Hardware
  • Camera: Canon EOS 7D
  • Lens: Canon ef 100mm f/2.8L macro is usm
  • Flash: Canon EX 580 II & Canon EX 430 (on most of the images only the 580 flash is used)
  • To make the splash: Splash art drip kit mk II
  • A Sturdy Giottos Tripod
  • Settings M(manual)
  • Manual focus - image stabilizer off.
  • ISO: 100 or 200 depending on the liquid and background used.
  • f/16
  • 1/250 (max sync speed when using flash)
  • The flash is 45 degrees off to the left or right, set to manual and 1/64 power (sometimes 1/32)
  • I usually use a sync cable to the flash if I use only one, and wireless transmitters if I have to use two.
  • With water I point the flash to the background image and bounce the light back through the water drops.
  • With Milk you have to point the flash to the drop/sculpture itself since it is not transparent.
  • When using water I usually have some food dye in it and about 1/4 tea spoon of "guar gum" mixed with two cups of warm water that is going to be the actual droplets... (then let the water cool)
  • About the drip kit:

  • Sometimes I take a "broken" drop photo and mirror half the image to create a symmetric and artistic liquid sculpture. Those are easilly recognized and is ment to be more like digital art since 50% of the image is only mirrored and not natural like most of the photos The images here are one natural and one mirrored


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